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Mersey Medicine was launched by dedicated medical physicians to develop and provide high quality educational material for hospital doctors, general practitioners, and other allied healthcare professionals. We specialise in MRCP tuition, cardiology, and general medicine aimed at undergraduates and postgraduates regionally and nationally. Our courses and modules are devised, co-ordinated and led by physicians and specialists. The tutors have a wealth of experience in teaching and training over number of years. The course curricula are focused and relevant to your needs. We are proud to offer interactive workshops / sessions and hands on experience during these courses..

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Latest news & Testimonials

  • Good to have a mix of lectures and hands on session 

  • Lecture from Dr Barker and Dr Hobbs, videos cases and learning from device companies 

  • Simulator, glass heart and access stations 

  • Learnt a great deal 

  • Great course 

  • Build up from basic to advanced lecture & hands on 

  • Hands on- good mix cases of brady pacing 

  • Good presentations and practical sessions 

  • Interactive workshop and device programmers 

  • Practical tips for pacing implant 

  • Boston scientific and suturing station 

  • Open discussion 

  • Glass heart simulator 

  • Opportunity to ask questions and clear presentations./ Good practical element 

  • Really usefull and broad introduction to pacing / really enjoyed the simulator session 

  • Speakers were upto date and through Interactive and interesting lectures/ hands on sessions